Intermountain 497102S-07 – GE Evolution Tier 4 DCC Sound – CN #3009 – HO Scale

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Equipped with ESU LokSound Select Sound Decoder

The Prototype:
The tier 4 has been called the locomotive of the future. GE has gone through several iterations of the GEVO’s during the last decade, working toward the Tier 4, which meets the current Government emissions standard for locomotives. At great cost they have developed this eco-friendly transportation giant that is already in service all across North America. Five major railroads are currently running the Tier 4 and other primary and secondary users are expected to follow.


The Intermountain Tier 4 has been completely retooled to capture the highest level of accuracy.

This all-new model features finely molded parts, railroad specific details, prototype based color representation with laser sharp painting and printing inlcuding the numerous miniature labels accurately represented. Our all-new Tier 4 drive is smooth, heavy (approx. 1.6 lbs), and powerful with an all new larger motor.

-Front headlight, -Correct scale sized front ditch lights, -Number Boards, -Rear headlight, -Front & Rear Walkway Lights, -Correct scale sized rear ditch lights (road name specific), -Correct scale sized front & rear RED DPU lights on Canadian National units.

-Spinning bearing caps on both ends of all 6 axles on the trucks, -Accurate GE style traction motor detail on 3rd and 4th axles, -Wheel flange lubricator detail, -See through etched metal grilles on the radiator cab roof, dynamic brake area, and body (body grilles have accurate corrugations), -Real brake chain, – Real tow chain (road name specific), -Separate underframe piping detail, -LSL lights (CSX & NS), -Etched metal walkway steps (road name specific), -Accurate PTC Antenna Arrays on cab roof (road name and number specific), -Accurate Nathan Airchime K5HL Horn, -Road name specific front/rear handrails, -Formed wire nose to walkway handrail, -Rear rock pilot on CN units, -See-through etched metal walkway panels on CN units. All of this along with numerous etched metal and wire details.

Sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU LokSound Select sound decoders featuring accurately recorded Tier 4 GEVO sounds played through dual “sugar-cube” type speakers. Non-sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU LokPilot V4.0 non-sound decoders. For DC (non-sound only) operation, a DC plug option is available upon request.

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